Welcome, Readers. My name is Pa Thao. I am a mom, wife and a lover of Thai food. Come along with me as I share things about my hobbies, family, fashion and lifestyle.

The Little Things

I have shared some major things about me. So today I want to share the little things about me. 10 Facts I think the skin of a black chicken looks like snake skin when it’s cooked. If I watch a movie and fall in love with it. I can watch it over a million times […]


Birthday Planning

First, we actually didn’t plan this birthday party. It was my daughter who thought of the idea because of the events that were happening this past weekend, she felt like it was the perfect timing. 12-3pm: Swimming 1:30p: Pick up cake 2pm: Cook 3:30pm: Everyone returns. 4pm: Eat My daughter spent most of her time […]


Fashion- Part 3

A long time ago when I use to buy clothes constantly, I didn’t know what to do with my out of season clothes. If fall came I would just leave my summer clothes hanging in my closet and wash it again the next summer. Throughout the years of no closet space to throwing clothes away, […]