Spring-Summer 2020

Even though midwest spring weather isn’t going to change until like May, I still want to share most of my spring to summer collection. These pieces are old and new. The old ones are about 1-4 years old. The new ones are just a replacement for the ones that’s I couldn’t fit in anymore, couldn’t … Continue reading Spring-Summer 2020

I Have A Problem

Confessions of a Shopaholic I really need new clothes. -Me, every morning. Clothes is my life. I love clothes whether it’s accessories, handbags or shoes. I love them so much that, at my first job, I would work 20-25 hours a week, get paid $100 and used it within 30 minutes. Spending money on clothes … Continue reading I Have A Problem

Work Bag

It’s a new work schedule and I’m back at work after a month long break. I needed to take care of myself. You do not know how much I appreciate the people and my job that has helped me through my journey of self-healing. What’s in my Marc Jacobs tote? Work Badge Pencil Case Planner … Continue reading Work Bag

Tech Wardrobe

Technology Although we don’t think much about it, our tech has become a part of our wardrobe. One particular style that has been trending is matching everything in one color. The other style is continuing to purchase items from the same company. Both of these styles have become very therapeutic and aesthetic for me. Apple … Continue reading Tech Wardrobe