Birthday Planning

First, we actually didn’t plan this birthday party. It was Claudia who thought of the idea because of the events that were happening this past weekend, she felt like it was the perfect timing. 12-3pm: Swimming 1:30p: Pick up cake 2pm: Cook 3:30pm: Everyone returns. 4pm: Eat Claudia spent most of her time at the […]


Yes! Back To School

“I like number 18 because it’s the age that I can start working and driving.” -Claudia Hmm, yeah I am one of those mothers who was ready for their child to return to school. I ran out of ideas since my daughter finished gymnastics back in June. You have to admit that it doesn’t matter […]


One Cause of Miscommunication

Claudia has grown to be a wonderful daughter and friend. She has the most caring soul because she understands how it feels to be alone (only child). However, just like every relationship there will be times we have disagreements. I have to admit that I do lose my temper with Claudia. When it comes to […]