June Bug

Welcome to July! Up to now this year has been such a change. It has taught many of us that we actually don’t need a lot of things in our lives. As for the other people, it has caused stress not knowing what tomorrow may bring. June was the fifth month of my No Spend … Continue reading June Bug

May Flowers

Welcome to the May No Spend Challenge. I started this challenge because I needed to change and the one thing that I didn’t have control of was how I spent my money. This idea popped in my head after I realized I didn’t buy a single “I want this” item in January. I don’t have … Continue reading May Flowers

April Showers

No Spend April Welcome back to this Fashion series about my goal towards spending less. Just a quick recap of when I decided to start this No Spend Challenge for those who are jumping in now. I started back in February after many years of spending with no purpose. Then I decided to start spending … Continue reading April Showers

March Madness

Sorry, this isn’t a post about basketball. If you have been following me on my No Spend journey, I want to thank you and if you haven’t then follow along. In February my No Spend goal was to not buy a single piece of clothing. The purpose of it was to wear what I already … Continue reading March Madness

I Have A Problem

Confessions of a Shopaholic I really need new clothes. -Me, every morning. Clothes is my life. I love clothes whether it’s accessories, handbags or shoes. I love them so much that, at my first job, I would work 20-25 hours a week, get paid $100 and used it within 30 minutes. Spending money on clothes … Continue reading I Have A Problem