Moving Out

We are finally moving out! It’s been 10 years since my husband and I have been on our own. When we first moved out we thought that we had everything under control. It wasn’t just because adulting was hard but that year everything was going down hill for the both of us. 2010 Health problems … Continue reading Moving Out


The Japanese Ritual for Glowing Skin I think I have finally found my go to skin care products. The Tatcha brand has always been expensive. Whenever I found one of their items to be on sale, it was still not reasonable for me to purchase and try it out. The more affordable routine that I … Continue reading Tatcha

Family Games

This past weekend my family and I spend a lot of time enjoying the indoors rather than spending money. How we did that was focus on spending time together by playing games. This year I collected memories of my family through games. Thanksgiving Day Dangling Marshmallow: Tie a marshmallow to the end of a yarn … Continue reading Family Games