Vision Board

This vision board that I have put together is to encourage me to keep moving forward. Home Everyone imagines having their own house one day to call home. Travel Any place affordable, but if I had to choose then it would be Japan. I have always admired their culture, fashion and history. Money There are … Continue reading Vision Board

Top 5 Books

The Nightingale Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood Pachinko I Was Anastasia The Secret Orphan I know, only 5 books chosen? I’m the type of person that will only read if the book catches my attention. For example, it could be something I can relate to or personally experienced it myself, I’m … Continue reading Top 5 Books

Opposites Attract

Husband (What I wrote) Name: Vong Age: 32 Hobbies: Almost any sport, music, power naps Love language: Physical touch Best Quality: Teaches you to see the other side of people’s story Worst Quality: Selective Memory Recently, my husband and I started disagreeing again. However, this time (after 10 years) I am realized he needs to … Continue reading Opposites Attract


The Reason Hello and welcome to my page, thank you for stopping by. I have always wanted to start my own blog and after many years, I decided to start one. I hope that I can inspire you through my writings. I pray that God will continue to bring us together as supporters, a community … Continue reading Introduction