Fashion- Part 8

Spring-Summer 2020 Wardrobe Even though midwest spring weather isn’t going to change until like May, I still want to share most of my spring to summer collection. These pieces are old and new. The old ones are about 1-4 years old. The new ones are just a replacement for the ones that’s I couldn’t fit […]


Embarrassing Stories

Fashion Fails 1. I wanted to gain weight at age 15 so I could fit into my cool sister’s clothes. She weighted 120 pounds and I was like 80 pounds. I asked her for her clothes when she didn’t want it them anymore. The only thing that ever fit me was her vest, everything else […]


Holiday Reflection

After returning from both sides of my family holiday gatherings it made my husband see the small changes in me. These small changes have also made me enjoy family gatherings again. This realization started from selfishness because I wanted to be alone. I wanted to just enjoy a quiet time without anyone putting pressure on […]